Kash for Kailend appeal success.

Special thanks to Gildredge House School in the U.K. who raised money for Kailend in Togo, Thank you so much, we honor and appreciate all your contributions. It was Sixth Form student Pascale Mace who suggested this charitable focus, as they had visited Togo to do some voluntary work on various Kailend projects, together with her friend Ella who attends a Sixth Form college in Brighton.

Pascale led assemblies in Middle and Upper School in which she told students about Togo, which is the 12th poorest country in the world. Children and staff brought their jars full of coins and placed them in bold copper and silver stripes on the flag, and created a shiny star made entirely from £1 and £2 coins. The resulting flag was a stunning visual spectacle, to which the children very much enjoyed contributing.