Every year we offer great opportunities to get involved in training, fundraising, awareness campaigns, publishing, work experience within a social enterprise and more. 



Your donation supports Kailend's on-going work to provide education sponsorships and skills training for at risk youth and low income earning women. E-mail info@kailend.org for more on how your donation makes an impact.

You can sponsor a student or an entrepreneur and make a lasting difference in their lives and in their communities at large. Your continued support helps us to reach more women and children from impoverished communities in West Africa.

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Jobs & Internships

Kailend invites people who are interested in making a difference in the world to consider pursuing one of our job or internship opportunities. Our programs seek to provide monitored, project-driven professional and practical experience.

Important networking opportunities are also provided through participation in orientation and training that will include information on Kailend's history, vision, and where individuals from the organization will share more in-depth information on our programs. 

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